Rock Add Pair From Excelsiors

by Mike Hancock

Two For Two Swap Helps Fill Gaps For Oakville

Oakville, ON – Oakville Rock General Manager Steve Dietrich has announced a two-for-two trade with the Brampton Excelsiors.  Going to Brampton are righty forwards Dallas Bridle and Tanner Thomson in exchange for lefty forward Dereck Downs and lefty defender Luke Van Schepen.

“You have to give something to get something,” said Dietrich.  “We had a wealth of right handed shooting forwards and we needed to add some depth to other spots on our roster.  We wish Tanner and Dallas good luck in Brampton and thank them for their past contributions to the Oakville Rock.”

Just to make it a little more interesting, Brampton and Oakville will face one another on Monday night at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre in Oakville at 8pm.